Meet the 2009 Ocean to Ocean "SURVIVORS" -        

Pictured above are all of the 2009 "Ocean to Ocean" drivers, riders, family and friends who crossed the finish line on July 12, 2009, at Drumheller Fountain in Seattle, Washington.  The event started in New York City on June 14 and finally ended here, just as the 1909 "Ocean to Ocean" Race ended here 100 years ago.  While this incredible group of people certainly demonstrated personal motivation and stamina, the most outstanding attribute of the group was its strong camaraderie, support and respect of each other.  It is very clear that the above individuals did not make this phenomenal journey - "WE" made it together.   


We hope that you will enjoy the picture above - the smiles you see on our faces tells the whole story - yes, we met our common goal, but more importantly we gained so many new, lifelong friends in the process!


Welcome to Steve Shotwell's "Ocean to Ocean" Website!

Midge and Steve Shotwell arrive at the finish line - Drumheller Fountain in Seattle, Washington on July 12, 2009.




Ken Crawford and Jan Shotwell arrived in Ft. Collins, Colorado, with Steve's Model T, "Goosebumps." They traveled over 1,300 miles from Michigan to bring the car so Steve can continue on the tour.  What a tremendous gift of love and friendship!!  Thanks so much!!!


The Story of "Goosebumps" 

You may enjoy reading the story of this amazing car that that Ken and Jan brought to Steve in Ft. Collins and the tribute to Steve's mom who found the car after many years.  This was the finest gift of my lifetime.   This car changed Steve and Jan's life forever.  It represents family heritage, family values and a mother who so dearly loved both her father and her son.  Thanks so much, mom!


Daily Format 

Each day I ride with a different group of Model T'ers.  Be sure to see the pictures inside the "Picture Gallery" tabs to the left.  


Contact US

I have pretty good access to the Internet while we are on this trip. You can send e-mails to Steve at Simply click on the colored e-mail address. 


About the Trip

Steve Shotwell and Sandy Rosenfeld joined 54 other Model T'ers who are driving from New York to Seattle.  The event is the centennial celebration of a car race that left New York in 1909.  A Model T won the race.  No, we will not be racing our fellow Model T'ers - simply driving the same course to celebrate the history and heritage of the Model T.


You Can Watch Our Progress!

We will be posting near daily pictures and information as we travel across the country.  Simply click on the tab to the left that says "Ocean to Ocean Gallery."


Background on the Event-

You can get more background information about the trip by clicking here.



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